The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) came into being in 1909, emerging from annual meetings of the Western Ohio Superintendents’ and Principals’ Round Table, which had been discussing drafting rules to govern athletic competition.  George R. Eastman of Dayton was chairman of the committee to draw up the rules for a statewide control body.  Eastman’s committee was formed at a round table meeting in Dayton in 1906. 


When the OHSAA came into being there were 84 member schools.  Back then the State Championship Tournament was called the Buckeye Interscholastic Tournament and was played in Edwards Gym on the Ohio Wesleyan campus in Delaware.  The OHSAA took over sponsorship of the tournament in 1923 and divided the schools into two divisions, larger schools Class A and smaller schools as B.  Prior to that time, there had been no divisions and the Delaware Tournament was open to all if their record justified an invitation.