The “ALL-STAR LEGEND AWARD is presented to a Boys Basketball Player who has been selected as a TOP-10 player in that school’s history.  The annual award will be presented to one recipient from each school comprising the ten- member All-Century Team to be announced in 2030.  This award is in recognition of the many players, coaches and teams that have helped make the Dayton City League the most ACCOMPLISHED BASKETBALL LEAGUE in the state.  To validate this claim, here are some of the records and achievements currently held by the league: (17) State Basketball Championship Titles; (3) Coaches Ranked in Top 10 with most State Championship Titles (Mike Haley-Roth/Dunbar and Peter Pullen-Dunbar) tied for fourth (with four titles apiece) and Floyd Stahl (Stivers) with three; Stivers 1928-29-30 is the only team to capture three straight State Championship Titles; (2) Undefeated State Championship Teams (Roosevelt 1960) and Dunbar (2009); (3) Back-to-Back State Championship Titles, Stivers (1928-29-30), Roth (1981-1982) and Dunbar (2006-2007); National High School Player of the Year Award (Dwight Anderson-1978); (3) Ohio Player of  the Year Award Recipients (Ray Brown-Roosevelt 1960), (Bill Hosket, Jr.-Belmont 1964) and (Rudy Benjamin-Roosevelt 1967). 

Additional accomplishments include (7) Players (Ron Harper-2007), (Bill Hosket, Jr.-2006), (Bill Hosket, Sr.-2006), (Don May-2007), (Don “Monk” Meineke 2008), (James Morgan 2013), (Bud Olsen 2012) and (1) Team (Stivers 1928, 1929, 1930) as inducted members of the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame; (1) Coach (John-Wollums-Roosevelt) and (1) Honorary inductee in the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame; Future inductees include (Peter Pullen-Dunbar 2019) and (Mike Haley-Roosevelt/Roth/Dunbar 2020); (6) NBA First Round Draft Picks; (10) NBA Championship Titles: (1) NBA All-Star (Johnnie Green); (1) NFL All-Pro (Matt Blair); First NBA Rookie of the Year (Don “Monk” Meineke); One Olympic Gold Medalist (Bill Hosket, Jr 1968); (1) NCAA National Championship (Kirk Taylor-Michigan); (2) Academic All-Americans (Bill Hosket, Jr.-Ohio State) and (Mike Pratt-Kentucky); (5) College All-Americans and (7) Big Ten and SEC Championship Titles combined.